Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Friends

No, not these Friends, although I really did like the show!
F is for Friends...specifically the new friends I have made thanks to my blog!

I have a lot of really good friends in my life.  People who have stuck by me through some hard times recently.  People who I wish I could give all my readers links to, so they could see them and find out more and get to know them as I do. Unfortunetly, however, I don't have a way to give you a "link" to see my friends offline.  Also they might not appreciate being on public display. lol

So this post I'm dedicating to the friends I have made thanks to my blog.  People I wouldn't have gotten a chance to meet in the real world.  Other bloggers who have given me advice and encouragement.  Authors who have let me pick their brains and  giveaway their books.  People I have met at random through comments and other blogs.  So here is my thank you to them!   If I missed anyone please feel free to berate me in the comments!  Yell and scream and tell me I'm terrible! (because I will feel that way as soon as I realize I've missed someone!)

First and foremost thank you to V  @  Vvb32reads and Melissa @ Books and Things.  The rest of the list  is in no particular order, but they were the ones who really got me to finally take the plunge into writing my own review blog.   They both were kind enough to let me guest post on their blogs so I could get an idea if this was really something I wanted to do.  They also gave me some great advice and ideas when I first started out with the blog.  Also I would like to say thank you to all their wonderful followers who left wonderful comments on my posts on their blogs, and who have begun following me here as well.

I would also like to send a thank you to Sasha Soren @ Random Magic and Kathy @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer.  They both held awesome hops and events that they were kind enough to let me participate in! Also they were both extremely helpful to me when I was learning how to put up the posts and links and buttons and what not.  Plus SUPER nice and answered all my questions, even the obviously stupid ones!

And D. Sales @ Mother/Gamer/Writer, she's hosting the first ever challenge I've decided on participating in and she has humored me with all my questions there as well.

As for authors!!! OMG! I have harrassed so many in the past few months alone!  Maureen O. Betita  and Darby Karchut, both who let me badger them into doing some posts for me for this challenge!   Robert C. Roman, who was the first author who let me strong arm them into doing an interview and giveaway!  (he's also the one who introduced me to Maureen, I'm sure she appreciates that one! lol)
Joseph Robert Lewis  and Tina Boscha, who where kind enough to give me great excerpts from their books to share. (Tina even gave me the first whole chapter of River In The Sea.) And let me harrass them over the holiday season.
Special thanks to J.L.Bryan.  I scheduled  to do his spotlight in February. Unfortunetly it did not turn out as well as I would have liked since I had one of the most horrible incidents in my life occur on the 10th of February.  But Mr. Bryan was completely understanding and kind during the whole thing. I really appreciate him not hating me for not promoting his spotlight as well as I should have.
Thanks also to Zach Fortier.  He let  me interview him and ask the soft easy questions as well as a few more in depth ones.

Thank you to all the authors who have let me spotlight them and thank you for sponsoring giveaways on my blog as well.  Also thank you for letting me play with your pictures! (some more than others)  and trusting me not to do anything horrible to them.

Then there is Anachronist.  She's a fellow blogger and reviewer I oringinally met through Melissa's blog.   I love her reviews.  She is fearless and funny as she expresses her opinions.  I always feel bad because while I read her reviews  I don't comment nearly as often as I should!  (and she always comments on mine, I am such a bad person!)

And then there are all my wonderful followers!! As anyone who has read my reviews on Books and Things I am a comment addict.  I also love getting those little notices that I have a new follower.  So thank you all for following my blog and leaving comments.  I try to respond to them as often as I can.  Hope to get to know more of you in the future!


  1. You and I blogged on the same topic today - great minds think alike, yes? Nice to "meet" you.

  2. Friends are one of the nicest things about blogging. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge this month.

  3. YOU rock!
    Thanks for the blogger love! Hugs!

    1. *HUGS* back!
      Thank you for stopping by, and thanks again for all your help! :)