Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kindle.

K is for Kindle. Specifically my Kindle which I won it back in April of last year from the Wilder's Mate Kindle Contest.
 I love my Kindle.  It makes it sooo easy to take what I'm reading along with me when I go places.  Plus I'm always finding free books for it. One of my fave places to find free books is Books On The Knob.  I know some people have problems with the battery not lasting long, however I've been really lucky, I haven't had these problems and a full charge will last me almost a month.  It also makes it really easy when I'm writing reviews, I can highlight certain spots that I want to remember especially for the review.  Much easier then trying to flip through a book and hoping I remember what chapter a line was in.  (I'm not good at hand writing notes. I always lose them.)

So are you a Kindle fan?  or are you more of a Nook fan?  Or do you prefer no e-reader at all?


  1. Ahh I wanna get a Kindle soon! I love print books and I don't think I'll ever stop buying them but at this point I don't even have any more room for books. And being able to have a ton of books plus all types of files I need in class is going to be awesome.