Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Egypt!

I've always been obsessed with Egypt.  I love the


 ancient mythology,


          the mummies,

the pyramids and the sphinx!  

I pretty much will read a book if it has any mention of Egyptian myth worked in.   I just recently finished reading and reviewing 12.21.12 by Killian McRae.  She combined ancient Egyptian mythology with ancient south american mythology in a really neat and interesting way.   I really liked the way she worked them together and how she explained how one of her main characters was involved in the making of the myth.

I also love how Joseph Robert Lewis has worked ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses into his Other Earth Series.    (Especially Bastet!) 

Of course with my cat obsession Bastet is my fave of the Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses.

With all the modern day turmoil in Egypt the likelihood of me ever actually going to see the pyramids or the sphinx is rather low.  (also if you add in the whole pesky finances thing it really isn't something in the near future either)  But I can always daydream and go there in the books I read.  

Are you obsessed with Egypt too?  What are some of your favorite Egypt related books? I'd love to find some new ones!  


  1. Well I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with Egypt, Aimee, but you've certainly piqued my interest with your passionate post! When I think of Egypt I think of the Egyptian mummy display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ont. It's a bit of a spooky place, all filled with dusty dead guys wrapped in cloth. I always imagined them peeking at me from beneath their bandages...
    Happy A to Z!

    1. Wish I could see the exhibit! It sounds really interesting!Thanks for stopping by.

  2. love the pictures. :) I've always wanted to set a story in Egypt.
    Great A-Z post!

  3. Wow, 12.21.12 sounds interesting, I might have to check that out! I've always wanted to go to Egypt as well, the more I read about it the more interesting it gets...

    I'm also doing the A-Z Challenge!