Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Secrets

So I decided to do "S" for Secrets.  I decided for "S" I would tell you some secrets about me. In exchange all I ask is that you tell me a secret in return.  It doesn't have to be some great state secret or something. It can be something silly or simply something that someone wouldn't know about you, since this is the Internet so you never really know the truth about anyone.  So on with the secret telling....ok it's more like one secret, but I figured it's Saturday and near the end of the challenge so you can get on to visiting more of the blogs.

I am absolutely petrified that people will hate me or think I'm stupid. 

I know, I know, tons of people have secrets like this. But it's something I deal with everyday, and it's not just new people I'm meet.  I'm always afraid that I'm going to say or do the wrong thing and absolutely offend or insult  someone I'm friends with and they are going to hate me forever. I always double check everything I write or obsess for hours over when I have plans to talk to someone.  Sometimes this leads me to stress over stuff long after it's happened replaying stuff analyzing everything I said or did.  God forbid I'm writing something and I forget to spell check.  I can literally send myself into a panic attack!   Of course sometimes this pushes me to the complete other end of the spectrum.  I tend to go overboard and get completely loud and obnoxious.  I always end up offending someone at that point....which of course leads me to even more hair pulling and teeth gnashing later!!  

I know not some dark, dirty secret.   But if you know and if I say something completely off the wall please remember my secret and please don't hate me! 

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