Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jack

So my daughter wanted me to do a post about her.  However I try really hard not to post things about my kids on the internet.  But I decided to humor her a little, and I am doing a post on her cat, Jack.  (what can I say we love our cats)

This is an early picture of Jack.

Jack does NOT like her sweater!
(But she's soooo cute in it!)
So what can I say about my daughters cat Jack?  For starters, she was born at my daughters birthday party 3 years ago. (yes Jack is a girl, not a boy) Her mother is a wild cat, named Patches, that lived outside our old home.  Up until that point Patches would eat food left for her, and on occasion come close enough to pet, but she would not let anyone hold her nor would she come in the house.  Patches was a completely wild kitten, we know because her mother also used to hang around the house. However, that day she let us carry her and her kittens into the bathroom.  No growls, no scratches, no bites, nothing. (She even used the kitty litter we set up for her)
Jack got her name because for some reason she always had gunk stuck in her eye when she was a kitten and my boyfriend starting calling her one eyed jack.  By the time we realized she was a girl the name had already stuck.
We found homes for all the kittens, and even Patches, however none for Jack so she ended up becoming my daughter's cat.   And boy is she ever my daughters cat!  She follows her around, sleeps with her, greets her when she comes in the door.  When she was smaller she used to run up and climb up her pant legs into her arms.   Now she's a little too big for that, at her last check up she weighed 12 1/2 lbs.! (the weight gain didn't happen til after she got fixed though)
Jack has tons of crazy quirks. Lets see, just to name a few, she refuses to eat wet cat food or tuna.  However she LOVES fish food.  No interest in the fish, only their food.  When I go to feed the fish she will come up and meow until I give her a bit. She will sniff the fish, and has even gone so far as to try to drink the water from the fish tank, but otherwise she doesn't care about them.  If I try to ignore her she stretches up on her hind legs and pats her paws against the tank.  As if to say, "Hey, why are you giving them my food?"
This little quirk of hers came in handy about a month ago.  She had to take medicine and none of us felt like getting bit.  So we put the meds on her treats and sprinkled fish food over it and she licked the plate clean. Literally.  Also she has an obsession with tape.  Still not sure why, but if tape is left out she will start licking it.  She has even gone into the trash to pull out pieces of tape.
"You need the mouse?"
Since my daughter is at school during the day, Jack spends most of her days sleeping or fighting with me over my mouse pad.  One of her favorite places to lay is on the shelf it sits on, and she doesn't understand why I keep needing to touch the mouse.  I have gotten multiple scratches from fighting with her.  Plus she is constantly knocking my mouse off the shelf with her big butt!
Jack is a sweetie though. She will follow me to whatever room I'm in if neither of my girls is home.  She even lays with me when I don't feel good. One time she even decided to help in the kitchen. I was making icing and the powdered sugar went everywhere when I turned the blender on.  She had just walked in the kitchen and a big poof of it landed on her.  She was so funny.  She started to lick it off really slow, and then she must have like the taste cause she kept walking in it and then licking her paws.
Jack the baking kitty!

 Jack is like any cat, she can be very finicky about who she likes.  She will even run across the room to bat at someone or something if she doesn't like it.  But in general she is a very sweet kitty, who my kids are convince is plotting to take over the world one household at a time. What do you think?

Her evil look. (like I purposely put sugar on her!)

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