Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zombies!! (and giveaway!)

Get A Kit,    Make A Plan, Be Prepared.

Of course Z is gonna be for Zombies!!!! I'm obsessed with zombies.  But hey I'm not the only one.  Even the CDC has a plan in case of zombie infestation!
I've read some really cool zombie books over the past year:

Zone One
By: Colson Whitehead

Omg!Just finished and loved this one. Click here to read my review!

The Dishonored Dead
By: Robert Swartwood

A neat twist, pov from the zombie's perspective! Check out my review here for more!

Zombie Tag
By: Hanna Moskowitz

This one had me tearing up in places.  Sad but good.  Check out my review here!

I'm still dying to get my hands on:





To help promote zombie obsession everywhere I'm giving away 2-I love Zombie book marks!  
Just leave a comment below telling me the best zombie book you've read this year, or want to read!  Contest ends 5/25 so be sure to comment before than!



  1. Oh if I get more zombie books in the que I'll let you know! I have the first Frater book on my tbr and can't wait to get to it. I've heard such good things about it.

    1. Any zombie Feel free to send any zombie books you don't want for yourself my way! I'd love to help you read them! :)

  2. I actually just read my first zombie book this year. Zombies scare the crap out of me and I wasn't sure I'd make it through a book without nightmares, but thankfully I read Mountain Man by Keith Blackmore, loved it, and had no nightmares! So I'm on the prowl for more, and I think I'll be starting with The Forest of Hands and Teeth :) Thank you for the fun giveaway, I love bookmarks!


    1. Pabkins did a great review of that book if you want to read it. The links below. I really have heard great things about it, I just haven't had a chance to get a copy yet!