Monday, April 29, 2013

Manga/Graphic Novel/Video Game Novel Challenge 2013

So this year since I said that I would try to get to Level 3 of the Challenge That means I need to have at least 25 books read before the end of the year. That's at least 2 books a month. (and one extra one in at least one of those 12 months)   As a change from last year I'm gonna be putting the reviews up here as I get them done and then linking them in the monthly round-up at Mother/Gamer/Writer.  I also plan to try to remember my update my Challenge page at the end of the month. Want to see what the other people in the challenge are reading this month? Click here!

In a future overrun by out-of-control machines and monsters, a handful of human survivors try to fight their way back to a normal life. But what is normal in a world where both monsters and machines need human blood? And which are the real bad guys?

My Review:

I picked this one up through NetGalley.  It looked interesting and who can resist Vampires Vs. Robots, right?
I was a bit disappointed.  I mean it wasn't bad...but it wasn't great.  The story itself was short, really short, only 66 pages.  It was decent enough, the story got it's point across. The only part I had issue with the writing itself is when the truth about the machines is revealed. I think it could have gone into a bit more detail there. But over all the story wasn't bad. My main issues were with the artwork and lettering.
First let me discuss the lettering.  I was reading it on Adobe Digital Editions, so maybe that is part of it. But there were whole pages that I could barely read because the lettering was blurry.  The problem I had was that this wasn't the case with the whole book, just certain pages the lettering was different and it made it incredibly hard to read. I know I've had this issue before with other graphic novels in Adobe, but it just bothers me that when they put the material out there they don't check that it can be read on electronic devices.
Then there was the artwork.  The whole book was basically in black and white, except for the blood, that was red...really red.  I liked most of it, the fogginess and the lack of color really set the mood for the story.  However there were some scenes and panels, especially farther into the book that just felt incomplete.  Just lines on the paper or overly blurry. No details at all.
As I said before the book wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.  I wouldn't necessarily suggest not to read it, it just wasn't my favorite cup of tea.


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