Sunday, April 14, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Product Review (Plus an offer for free glasses!)

So about a month ago I was approached by to try out their glasses.  Sooo cool! Glasses are expensive and the choices in the optometrist's office aren't always a nice as I would like. (Especially in my price range) In exchange for getting a free pair of glasses all I needed to do was give an honest opinion, so here goes!

So let's start with some pics!  

So these are the frames I decided on! Very cute.  It's been a while since I've worn a pair like this but I thought they looked cute and wanted to give them go.  They arrived about a week after I ordered them.


So what do you think?

I personally love them! The boyfriend actually said that he liked them.  Yea, I know he's supposed to say that. But when given a choice between these frames and my normal ones he choose these. I've actually had random strangers tell me they liked my glasses and asked where I got them.  This has NEVER happened with a previous pair of glasses, EVER!  I'm not saying everyone loved them.  While people in my age group complemented me on them my kids, and their friends, were a different story.   My girls didn't like them, they said that they made me look like a scientist and that the glasses reminded them of the glasses they use in science lab.  This opinion was seconded by a few of their friends after school.  *sigh* Well I think I look like a cute scientist!  Don't worry if these frames aren't your thing they do have a lot of other styles to choose from.  Click here to check them out.

I've been wearing them for the past two weeks and they fit great.  The frames are sturdy and because of the style of the frame you really can't see how thick my lenses are! (Definitely a bonus! There is an option of getting them made thinner, but it wasn't offered with my free trial.  )  They came with a cool case and extra sleeve to carry them in. (Not like I can go without them, but it's nice to have options to put them in at night)   Plus they also came with a free key chain glasses screw driver and clothe to wipe my glasses with. I know that these are major things, but it's always nice to get some extra goodies with an order!

Now I do really like my new glasses and the ordering was simple but did have a few problems. 
The first being  I have REALLY bad eyesight, so when I went to order them I ended up having to scan my prescription and give it Firmoo that way.  I was kinda scared that when they arrived there would be some issue, but they were perfect!  I really worried for no reason,  but still I know I'm not the only one who gets nervous about ordering things online.
The second issue I had was that the frames I originally had my eyes on ended up being discontinued by the manufacturer and weren't available any more.  I don't think this was Firmoo's fault, but it was a bummer.  My only suggestion to avoid this is if you decide to order a pair to not wait too long, 'cause they might not be there when you finally decide to buy them. Of course this is the same thing that could happen in an offline store as well so it isn't something that would stop me from shopping at Firmoo again. 
The only other issue I have is that, while they have men's and women's glasses, they don't have children's frames.  This really doesn't bother me personally as a shopper. Both my children are in their teens so they can wear adult size frames.  However when I told people about where I got my glasses a lot of time they asked if Firmoo had children's lenses as well and I had to tell them no. I hate having to tell people no. 

Overall I had a great experience with Firmoo.  They had a large selection, the ordering was easy, delivery was quick, and the glasses that I received are awesome!   I definitely plan to order more glasses from them in the future!
Firmoo offers specialty glasses, prescription sunglasses as well as non-prescription frames, in case you want to take advantage of the current nerd chic look. 

I would love to hear your opinions on my new glasses! Check out Firmoo and tell me what pair you think I should get next! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. cute! my current pair looks similar. the frame i've been wanting to get is one like the cat eye shape doesn't have to be the 60's vintage. love the whimsical shape.

    1. Thank you! Love the cat eye shape, but I just can't seem to pull it off.