Sunday, April 30, 2017

Z is for Zombie Apocalypse! by Stephen Jones #atozchallenge

In the near future, a desperate and ever-more controlling UK government attempts to restore a sense of national pride with a New Festival of Britain. But construction work on the site of an old church in south London releases a centuries-old plague that turns its victims into flesh-hungry ghouls whose bite or scratch passes the contagion - a supernatural virus which has the power to revive the dead - on to others.

'The Death' soon sweeps across London and the whole country descends into chaos. When a drastic attempt to eradicate the outbreak at source fails, the plague spreads quickly to mainland Europe and then across the rest of the world.

Told through a series of interconnected eyewitness narratives - text messages, e-mails, blogs, letters, diaries and transcripts - this is an epic story of a world plunged into chaos as the dead battle the living for total domination.

My Review:

So this is another "found footage" type piece. I don't always care too much for the movie versions, but I love them in book form. This one even had a few reoccurring characters their stories told via official reports, newspaper articles, transcribed meetings, blog entries, etc.  I wanted to see how their stories ended, or in some cases didn't end after encountering the dead. I also enjoyed the detail the book was  able to go into via it's 'found footage'.  Some of it was even funny. Like laugh out loud funny. It's good to know that humor will still be around even during a zombie epidemic.

This looks to be the first book in a series, or maybe just the first in a group of books set in the same universe. I found a copy at Barnes & Noble, but I don't think it's in e-book form. I'm not sure about the other books though. I didn't see any others at B&N, but I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for them online and IRL.  Some have the authors name. Others have a different author listed, but give the original author a created by credit. So I might have to do some digging to find some of them.  If you happen to have read any of the Zombie Apocalypse books or happen to know if any are in e-format let me know in the comments. 

*I only prefer e-format because it means I don't have to leave the house or wait for it to be delivered.  Yes, I know this is a bad quality. But you try having your mobility slowly taken away from you. I'm somewhat better now. But for a while it wasn't a choice of where I'd go that day, it was simply I wasn't going anywhere. So you can stuff you judgments aside, I'll be the one doing the reviewing of things here. lol  I also still do love print books. They will always hold a special place in my heart and numerous places in pretty much all the spaces in my home. lol

So this is my last post of the A to Z Challenge for 2017. I might write up a challenge review, I might not. I do have some posts already scheduled to go up next month that aren't challenge related. Since the challenge was my jump start to begin blogging again and I have tried to commit to getting at least one or two posts done a month. Hopefully more, but I'm probably going to suffer another relapse into procrastination so I'm not going to promise more than I can deliver at this moment. I hope you enjoyed my A to Z reviews this year. One of these years I'm going to review strictly zombie A to Z probably not next year, or the year after that, but some time in the future. Maybe. lol. Hopefully I'll see you here again before next years challenge! Thanks again for following me!  

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  1. Love it! Great way to end the challenge - with zombies!