Friday, April 21, 2017

R is for The Rescue by Keith Ward #atozchallenge

The Rescue

Bookfunnel Summary:

Courage Can Be Deadly
Kertram isn't what he was. Yesterday, before the Transfer, he was meek and timid. Today, he's bold and fearless. His life has taken a turn for the better, he believes. 
That belief is challenged when he comes face-to-face with the most fearsome animal alive. Run or fight? Life is full of tough choices when you're 10.

My Review: 

The Rescue is a solid introduction to Slypht, the world that Ward has created.

I liked the characters, the creatures and the magic. The story is short and is set up to lead into a larger story or series, but it is still capable of standing on its own. Although I really do hope that Kertram's story is continued in another, hopefully longer, book. I liked seeing his world through his new eyes.
I also want to see what else the world of Slypht contains. Especially what other kinds of dragons there are.    

I received a copy of The Rescue as part of subscribing to Keith Wards Newsletter. I'd love to provide you with a link to where you could purchase it, but I couldn't find it anywhere besides the link in the newsletter. So I've given you the link to sign up yourself instead. On the upside I got a cool book out of it and he doesn't seem to blowup my email with a new newsletter every 10 minutes. 

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