Thursday, April 27, 2017

W is for Welcome to Zombie Colorado by Darby K. Michaels #atozchallenge

Colorado is overrun with zombies. A small group of survivors try to stay alive amid all the chaos and make it to safety, while the world they know begins to crumble.

Welcome To Zombie Colorado is a scary but fun adventure, with a little humor thrown in. It is a dark but realistic look at what the end of the rational world could be like, with a healthy dose of zombies. It's a great example of survival horror, and what a group of average people can do to survive a zombie apocalypse. Will these survivors be able to make it to safety, or will they die a painful death?

My Review:

I was really disappointed with Welcome. The story itself I think could be amazing. There were characters that could have evolved into real stars. Also the world that Michaels has decided to showcase them in could have been really interesting. But none of that happened. The main reason? There were huge editing issues. 
Constantly, from the beginning of the book to the end, the story switches between present and past tense. Sometimes even in the same sentence. 
Also the way the author has decided to jump into random characters heads with no warning. One moment it seems to be being told from the 3rd person, then it jumps into a characters head for a brief 'thought' or for the person to 'speak' and then back to 3rd person then to a characters  POV. All within a few paragraphs. 
Both of these issues could have easily been resolved if the author had only chose a course and stuck to it. I kept hoping by the end of the book that the author would have done so, but they didn't. 
Lastly there were some very obvious editing issues. Word repetition. Missing punctuation. Misspellings. etc. Things that should have been caught in editing or by a decent beta reader. Heck some of the items could have been pointed out by a simple Word program. 

Altogether the book read like a first copy. Maybe something that should be sent to beta readers or an editor. Definitely not something that should be put out as a finished work. Here's the thing, I understand that not all authors can afford a decent editor for their work. But generally beta readers are free. A decent beta reader would have caught the tense and POV issues and brought them to the author attention. I'm not sure if the author had beta-readers or not, but if they did they need to get new ones. Because if there were beta readers either the author refused to take any suggestions they made into account. Or worse, they were afraid, for whatever reason, to be honest with the author and point out things that needed to be corrected. 

The worst part is this story has A LOT of promise. But I don't think it was ready for print. I would love to read some more polished versions of the authors work in the future. I don't like writing reviews for books I don't enjoy. But I hope the author doesn't take this review as simply bashing their work. I tried to point out what caused me not to enjoy Welcome and I hope the author realizes that and that it helps them in the future to put out work that is finished and ready for publication. 

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