Sunday, April 9, 2017

Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge

 I decided to join and made my goal to be to read 50 books in 2017.  That's about 4-5 books a month. ( My calculator says 4.1666667 to be exact. lol)  Currently I'm a smidge behind. *cringe*
However I will be caught up by the end of this month thanks to the A to Z Challenge.
I like this challenge because you don't have to choose 50 books. You can choose less or more depending on what you feel like you want your goal to be. The lowest I saw on the the group page for the challenge was under 10 the highest 200. 

I plan to write a review for each book that I read for the challenge. That's not required by Goodreads, but I wanted to find a way to help encourage myself to post more and I think this will help.    *fingers-crossed* 

Have you heard of the of this challenge before? (Apparently it's been going on for a few years)
If so are you planning to participate this year? There's still time to join. Feel free to friend me on Goodreads, whether you plan on participating or not. But if you do let me know and send me a friend request so we can cheer each other on. Plus I love to see what other people are reading. 

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