Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for Virus the Unknown by Larry Finhouse #atozchallenge

Brody had always wanted to live like the rich kids did, with their hot meals and shiny cell phones. Unfortunately, life had other plans for him and his sister Pippa. Struggling to pick up the pieces after their father’s mysterious death and coping with their mother’s drug use and her abominable new boyfriend, the children felt even more removed from hope. In this thrilling debut novella, Brody and Pippa are about to learn to rely on a completely different set of survival mechanisms — a set that would keep them alive while horror, a virus that slowly poisons the human brain, tears apart their small town. Amid the outbreak, tales of fright breed and people begin using the word zombie — something Brody, even though young, thinks is foolish.

The horror and fun begins here, Episode 1

My Review:

This first episode of Virus is definitely graphic. I know, I know. It's a zombie/horror story so it should be, right? Well, yeah, I guess. It's just it's more gory and graphic than I've read in a while. I think it's because the gore comes in even before the zombies make an appearance. Maybe that's it?

If you're ok with guts and gore then you should be fine with Virus. At least that part of it anyway.

As for the story itself. It ends on a cliffie. Which I kinda expected going in since it was labeled episode 1.  The rest of it was interesting. Unlike the average 'zombie' some of these were talking and obviously thinking. Plus a few other twists for the MC's themselves were thrown in. So it looks like the following episodes could go in any direction. Which is good. Not too predictable. 
The only problem I had with it was that certain phrases threw me out of the book. It's supposed to be set in the U.S. But there were a few phrases that obviously weren't American. So I found myself going back to confirm what country it was supposed to be in. It just threw me out of the story. If I wasn't from the U.S. I probably wouldn't have noticed. But yeah. I just think if you're going to set a story in another country you should make an effort to make sure you use the correct slang and stuff. 

Overall if you like your zombie/horror genre with a healthy dose of gore then this should be right up your alley. It is an episode, so it's short and and ends in a cliffie. But if you're familiar with serials none of that should come as a surprise. I would read the next episode. I want to see if some of my personal theories pan out about certain characters. It isn't the best first episode I've read, but it is by far not the worst.  

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