Monday, April 10, 2017

H is for Heartland Junk by Eli Nixon #atozchallenge

It came at you first like an unexpected chill breeze on a warm day. Most people never had a chance to figure out what was happening before it was too late. Only the lucky ones, the ones already ruined, like me, were able to defend ourselves.

My Review:

Junk looks to be an interesting zombie series. It's definitely got some twists that I haven't read before. 

There's a disconnect between the first chapter and the rest of the book. The first chapter is obviously sometime farther in the future than the rest of the book.  Nothing too big. It won't stop me from picking up more books in the series. Honestly it might connect back to the first scene at some point since Junk obviously isn't a full length novel.  But based on the title alone I knew that it was part 1. So again, it didn't bother me that much. I'm just used to when a book starts out that way to it coming full circle and by the end being back where it started. 

Part 1 did a good job of introducing the characters and how the zombie apocalypse started, at least for them. I thought the idea of using certain drugs to stave off the transformation was interesting. Also the glimpses into the zombies thoughts were cool too. I can't wait to see where Nixon plans on going with the world he has started to build. There were definitely some questions left open at the end that I want to find out the answers to as well. 

There is gore. A lot of gore. There is also serious drug use. So I wouldn't recommend Heartland Junk for anyone under 18. But otherwise if you are a zombie addict like me looking for a fresh fix.... I definitely recommend it. Last I checked it's still free for Kindle on Amazon. I'm pretty sure after your first read you'll be hooked too. 

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