Thursday, April 20, 2017

Q is for The Queen of the She-Zombies by Raol Mavin

Red Blade is a legendary Paladin, the youngest and the most skilled of the Holy Knights. Young and having lived in exclusively sheltered monasteries where women are not allowed, Red Blade is not comfortable in the presence of women. Now he has to face the vicious but sensual she-zombies.

Azulanja, the Queen of the She-Zombies, raises an army of she-zombies with her demonic power. Her foul and evil minions are sexually arousing, allowing the She-zombies to easily subdue and hold in thrall their male victims, before sucking dry their life and flesh. 

Vi is a deadly and sexy assassin, the most beautiful woman that Red Blade has ever seen. She was in her quest of ridding the world of demons and zombies when her path crossed with Red Blade’s. Now, together with Red Blade, she is trying to stop Azulanja and her horde of she-zombies.

Will they manage to rid the world of the terror of the she-zombies? Or will they end up as the plaything of the Zombie Queen?

My Review:

So earlier this month was zombies in space.  Today I bring you zombie erotica...

Yeah, you read that right. 

Zombie. Erotica.

(and it's not written by Tina Belcher.

I wasn't too sure about zombie sex. I'm still not. But if you're going to make a porno with zombies this is definitely one way to do it.

So when I read erotica that has a story I expect that if I take out the sex scenes that there will be an actual story. I think with Queen you can could get that. I mean you would have to re-write how the zombies take the males energy. But I think it could be done. There were also parts that I actually laughed out. They were just really over the top. I'm not sure if that is what the author intended. But they were funny to me. 

There were some spots that felt rushed. Considering the length of the book I don't see any reason for it. Obviously the author was going for some kind of story, not just straight porn, so it didn't need to be rushed.  Also there were a couple things that just felt thrown in for the sake of it. For example the final sex scene involving the MCs. It went from being erotica sex to romance sex. Love and feelings and all that. Look I get it, he's a virgin. They tend to fall in love with anything that will let them do it. But still. Really? I could see them having feeling yes, but Love of their lives type feelings... Not just yet. Then there was the tentacle rape scene... It just felt like it was thrown in to get the hentai crowd. 

 "But AimeeKay!!," you say, "IT'S a friggin' erotica!!"

 Yeah, I know. But the book felt like a story with extremely erotica tendencies, not just an erotic novel with intervals that were just lead ins to the next sex scene.  So I'm gonna judge it on a different scale. Now if the author says he wants me to just judge it on its erotic moments...? Well that's a completely different review. 

So anyway. The cover does have the warning about mature, explicit, offensive content. Yes, that is definitely a truth in advertising warning. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK FOR YOUR KID!!! NO!!! 
Now if you're an adult that's a different story. It's free for kindle on amazon at the moment. It's a unique twist on zombies. And like I said some of it's so over the top it's fun. 

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