Thursday, April 28, 2016

X is for X: A Collection of Horror by C.M. Saunders

This is what happens when you ‘wake up’ inside a dream, when the urban myth you heard turns out to be so much more, and when that hottie you pick up in a bar springs a terrible surprise. But what do you do when your wife gives birth to something not entirely human? When your past discretions come back to haunt you? Or when a serial killer moves in next door? 

My Review:

X is a very interesting collection of horror stories, ten total, hence the X for the title.  All the stories are short, some only a few pages, and self contained. The authors descriptions are amazing. I'd be curious to see how they meld into larger works. Also the stories have a twist that adds to their creepiness.   Between the graphic descriptions and the adult situations X  isn't for the kids. Strictly 18+. But if you're into horror and looking for a new author I definitely recommend picking up X. It gives you a chance to get to know the author in bite size pieces. Bites that will leave you  wanting more, but in a good way.  

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