Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for The Plantation by Stella Samiotou-Fitzsimons

A century has passed since they arrived. Human history has been erased. Children are enslaved on Alien plantations. Some have heard whispers of the existence of a rebel band of humans who roam free in the forests. Most slaves dare not speak of the rebels for fear the mutant guards will grab and make an example of them.

Seventeen-year-old Freya is pulled away in the night not by the mutants, but by her old friend Finn, to join the Saviors, the mythic band of rebel teens. Her bliss fades when she discovers she is the only Savior without a special ability. She is the odd one out, slowly pushing Finn away, defying Damian, the leader of the Saviors, and antagonizing the fierce and beautiful Daphne. In her despair Freya reaches deep within to discover a dark destiny, a truth so heavy it threatens to destroy her.

My Review:

The Plantation is a good start to what looks to be an interesting series. 

I like the futuristic world that the author has begun creating. I want to find out more about the characters. I want to find out what actually happened when the aliens attacked. What's going to happen to the Saviors. 

There were a few things I had problems with. 

The first being the tense.  Because the story jumps between the current events and Freya's memories the tenses switch back and forth as well.  Sometimes within the same paragraph. It made it hard for me to stay immersed in the story.  I know others who actually prefer first person, present tense POV. So I don't think that this should be held against the book. I'm just mentioning it because it was something that took away from my enjoyment of it. 

The second being that I felt I didn't really get to know other characters, besides Freya, until closer to the end of the book.  Since the book is told solely from her POV and she doesn't really get close to some of the characters until farther along in the book, it stands to reason that I wouldn't be able to get to know them until she did. So it makes sense, but it still made me feel as if I was missing out on more of the story.  

The only other issue I have is that it seems to be set up for a love triangle.... If you've read my blog before you know they are one of my top ten pet peeves.  The romantic relationship wasn't fully explored in the book. If anything it looks to be something that will be expanded upon in the rest of the series. So I can't say whether or not it will be well written into the story. I WILL say that I did like how the author had her character react to the whole romance idea. There's no insta-love, so I am going to go out on a limb and say I would be interested in seeing how the author writes it into the other books.

Even with the issues I had I have to reiterate that I think this is a good start to what looks to be an interesting series. Even with the POV issues the story and the rest of the authors writing was enough to make me want more. Not just to find out the answers to questions that were left at the end, but also to find out more about the world and the rest of the characters. The Plantation is currently free for Kindle. So I definitely recommend picking up a copy. I'd love to know what others think after reading it so please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments after you've finished reading it.

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  1. Interesting premise, and it sounds like the author did a pretty good job of following through with it. I might have to give it a read.

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