Saturday, April 16, 2016

N is for New World By Steven W. White

Across the sea lies a newly discovered continent, a world whose forests and beasts are unknown to the recorded memory of elves, dwarves, or men. 

In this land called Mira, the brutal sacking of a young colony links the fates of two opposite characters: a twelve-year-old printer's son named Simon Jones and his long-lost uncle Tiberius Bogg, one of Mira's legendary mountain men. 

Simon is small, but smart; scared but determined. Bogg, with his raccoon-skin cap and smart-talking grammar abuse, is fast as a splintercat and stealthy as a hidebehind. Together, they turn the tables and pursue their attackers (a cruel knight and his soldiers from the old country) through a wilderness full of extraordinary creatures – jackelopes and thunderbirds, fur-bearing trout and four-legged hills – all culled from American tall tales, Indian legends, and backwoods folklore.

My Review:

New World is an amazing book.

I love the world that White built. The characters, the creatures, the entire world of Mira itself. All of it was amazing.  He even created a language for his characters.

His characters were intriguing.  I really enjoyed the interactions between Simon and Bogg. I was drawn into their relationship as it throughout the book. Even the antagonists played their roles in the story beautifully.

The world of Mina is beautiful. All the different creatures, the histories he created for them, the landscapes from the mountains and forests down to the sea. All of it was like I could step right into the page.  Even the language he created... I loved how he worked it into the story.  Sometimes when writers create their own words it makes a story stumble. But White wove them in with wonderful skill.

The end of the story wrapped pulled everything together. While I wanted to read more about the characters and the world it wasn't because I felt as if there were any strings left hanging. I can't wait to get into the next book. Currently it is free for Kindle. I definitely recommend picking up a copy while it still is and diving into White's New World.

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