Monday, April 25, 2016

U is for Urgent Questions #1 by Joshua Scribner

Five brief horror tales in a keep-you-guessing-to-the-end style, similar to Joshua Scribner's novel Eleven O'clock Fright.

My Review:

Unanswered Questions is an anthology compromised of 5 flash fictions. They're not bad. Actually they're quite good. But I think that if you know the stories are going  to be short before you start reading you'll enjoy them more.  I always forget how short flash fiction can actually be before I start reading it. So I liked the fact that these were all in one book so I could at least enjoy more than one in a reading.

All of the shorts are interesting. All are well written and, with the exception of the first story, are self contained. The first story feels more like the beginning of a bigger story. It is still interesting though, and I would enjoy reading more of it if it was expanded.

I can no longer find Urgent Questions #1 on Amazon, only the link of Goodreads. But if you get a chance to pick it up, or any other work by Scribner I definitely recommend it. I've enjoyed all the short works that I've read by him so far and would love to read something longer.

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