Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Isolt's Enchantment: The Beginnings by Heidi Garrett

Long before the half-faerie Melia was born in the mortal world, the god Vulcan married Isolt of the Waters. When she betrayed him, the seeds of a great war were planted in the Void. 

In Idonne, a young scholar studies Isolt’s story, along with tales of dwarf magic and the birth of a malevolent entity in the Void, Umbra. The stories inspire his dream of a life filled with adventure and heroism. 

My Review:

I am always hesitant when I pick up a book by an author I've only read once before. I mean obviously even if I've read multiple works by an author I could still be surprised by a change of style that I might not like. But I've found that more often or not if I'm going to be unhappy with a sudden change in writing it's usually in the second book I read. Whether it's in a new stand alone novel or, as in the case in Isolt's Enchantment, it is the continuation of a series. Fortunately in this case my fears were unfounded.

I read Nandana's Mark last year during the A to Z challenge for the letter N. In reading Isolt's Enchantment I was able to step back into the world Garrett created.

I love the theory that myths are actually based on real life events. So I enjoyed how the author revealed the history behind the 'myths' that form the basis of the Daughter of Light series.  I liked how she wrote it in such a way that her characters still to an extent believed that they were just reading myths too. Isolt's Enchantment also weaves in more of the current characters histories as well. Getting to see how they got to where they are introduced in the main novels in the series was very interesting.

As for Garrett's writing style. Not only do I love her characters, I adore her descriptions and world building as well. She brings her scenes to life. With all the different realms in her world the detail that was put into building it is amazing as well.

Whether or not you've read the Daughter of Light series I definitely recommend picking up Isolt's Enchantment: The Beginnings. You can currently get a Kindle copy for free. If you do pick it up I'd love to know what you think about it as well, so feel free to leave you opinion in the comments below!

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