Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Q is for Q: Are We Not Human? A: We Are Corpses! by Richard Knight

Acting as a sequel to A Boy and His Corpse, this free standalone short story concerns teenage necromancer, Alan Chandler, as he wrestles (No pun intended) with the possibility of his undead federation including living wrestlers in its stable of combatants. But Alan and his band of corpses won't go down without a fight! Will the Undead Wrestling Federation become half corpse/half living wrestlers, or will Alan get his way and keep the UWF just that--undead. Find out in this short story of guts, glory, and braaaaains.

My Review:

Q was a fun and interesting read. It can be read without reading the original book. However it did make me curious to find out more about Alan Chandler, his father and their zombies.  Two things that are important to a sequel no matter what the length. I liked the glimpse I got into the world the author created. Seeing how the zombies were controlled and how they affected their controller. I thought it was all well put together.  I would definitely like to read more of the authors work to see how he builds his characters in a larger story. 

 Q is currently free on Amazon and I suggest picking it up while you have a chance.


  1. Sounds like an interesting book; glad to hear it is free currently; might have to look into getting it and reading it after the A/Z challenge is over :)


  2. I love a good zombie story. Sounds interesting.

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