Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for All That Remains by Joshua Scribner

A zombie story with a scientific twist.

My Review:

Yes, All That Remains summery is only one line. It makes sense. It IS a short story, only ten pages long. But don't let the summery length put you off. It's good. 
Did I get drawn in by the characters? Yes. Do I want to find out more about the zombie infection? Yes. Do I want to find out if the mc's crazy or dreaming or if what's happening to the her is just a result of the zombification of her world? YES! 
Here's the million dollar question:
Did I enjoy reading it despite it only being ten pages?
I was drawn in. By the end I was disappointed there wasn't more. Definitely going to go find out if there are more stories set in this world or if All That Remains is meant to be an intro into its own stand alone novel.  (I really am hoping the answer is yes to both.)

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