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Review of Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair by: Jewel Kats

Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair
By: Jewel Kats
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Amazon Summery:
In a Kingdom far, far away lives Cinderella. As expected, she slaves away for her cranky sisters and step-mother. She would dearly love to attend the Royal costume ball and meet the Prince, but her family is totally dead set against it. In fact, they have gone so far as to trash her wheelchair! An unexpected magical endowment to her wheelchair begins a truly enchanted evening and a dance with the Prince. Can true love be far behind?

My Review:

What a pleasant fresh twist on a classic fairy tale.  
Not only does it show that girls in wheelchairs can be princesses too, but it also shows that aspiring princesses don't need to wait around for their prince to rescue them. A good lesson for every girl.  
As you can see from the cover, the story has been brought forward in time, complete with phones, cameras, and jeans. There is still magic in the story.  Although Cinderella's fairy godmother has a bit a a twist. (I won't spoil that one. I think it is cute though) I even chuckled at the way Cinderella handled her cruel step-sisters and step-mother.  
I liked the fact that even though the writer made Cinderella strong enough to save herself, she didn't make her super women. She still had the same insecurities as other girls.  For example she doesn't go looking for the prince because she is self conscious about her disability and feels her won't want her without her suped-up wheelchair.  I know a lot of little girls, and quite a few big ones too, who feel that way.  I feel any child, disabled or not, would find things in this book that they could relate to and I think that the book can teach some very important lessons as well.  For example, about understanding and about how there is more to people to love than just what is on the outside.  
If you are looking for a good children's read for the holidays I would definitely recommend this one. The younger girls I read this to enjoyed it and they really liked the pictures too.


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