Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heirs of Mars

Heirs of Mars: Preludes
Prelude to Heirs of Mars
By: Joseph Robert Lewis

To Reign in Heaven - India is a synthetic woman in love, passing a blissful year studying Venus and reveling in a shared dreamspace with her silksteel lover. But when her Mother chooses to sacrifice her children, India’s memories of love will be her only weapon to save her brothers and sisters.

To Walk the Earth  - Victoria is ready to move into the wilderness, far away from the manufactured monotony of modern life. But her boyfriend decides to go to Mars instead, leaving her to enjoy one last motorcycle ride all alone.

To Serve in Hell  - Neil is just a man struggling to get through another day on Mars: lousy food, cramped quarters, and a child who doesn’t understand why he can’t have a puppy. But when a cloner arrives, Neil has a chance to take control of something for once in his life, and to avenge the death of his parents.

Heirs to Mars
Heirs to Mars Series
By: Joseph Robert Lewis

The dream that was Mars has become a nightmare for the children born there.
Asher roams the vast canyons of Mars in search of dying souls ready for digital reincarnation. But his strange profession has its perils. Those who fear the newborn clones have hunted Asher and his friends for years, claiming the lives of countless innocents, including his daughter.
Claudia hosts the two most popular shows on two worlds, exhausting herself to educate the children of Mars and risking her life to raise the morale of the entire population. But when one of her cohosts is brutally murdered, she'll stop at nothing to avenge his death and make Mars safe again for everyone.
Brought together in a moment of tragedy, Asher and Claudia lead a group of scientists, clones, and bikers on a high-octane charge across frozen deserts and over raging volcanoes to end the first war on Mars.

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