Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daphne and The Silver Ash by: Joss Llewelyn aka Joseph Robert Lewis

Daphne and The Silver Ash
By: Joss Llewelyn aka Joseph Robert Lewis

In the weary old city of Trevell, young Daphne happily divides her time between caring for her family and crafting the finest shoes in town. But when she is summoned to sing for a panicking phoenix afraid of its fiery rebirth, Daphne is swept up in a thousand-year-old struggle for survival between immortal spirits. 
Endowed with the phoenix's powers of air and fire, as well as the creature's beautiful golden skin and ruby feathers, Daphne has only a few hours to save a dying tree, restore a crumbling city, and stop an invading army before the phoenix's fire consumes her mortal heart.

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