Sunday, December 11, 2011

Excerpt from The Bound Soul

Bastet grabbed the pilot’s sleeve. “What are you going to do? I don’t want you to die.”
Taziri smiled. “That makes two of us. Come on. Time for a little science.” They dashed back to the Halcyon just as they heard the crunch of gravel rounding the end of the freight car. Taziri yanked on her heavy leather gloves and pulled her flight goggles down over her eyes. Then she grabbed her hose and nozzle and waved the girl up into the cockpit. “Just like I showed you. Engine on, throttle to one quarter. Go!”
Bastet leapt through the hatch as the man named Aker yelled out, “Looks like all your friends left you here alone to die!” He stepped into the narrow corridor between the long shining locomotive and the dirty old freight cars. His two associates hung behind him, blocking the path back into the rail yard. Aker drew out the seireiken, the blade rippling with fiery colors, bathing the sides of the cars in an angry orange light.
So that’s what we came all this way for. Impressive.
“I hope not.” Taziri glanced at the little revolver poking out of her arm brace, briefly wondered if she could handle both the hose and the gun at the same time, and decided that she probably couldn’t. “I don’t want to hurt you or anyone else!” She paused as the Halcyon’s engine rumbled to life and the propeller began to roar inside the makeshift cowl. The hose flexed and shuddered in her hands and she felt the air blowing out the nozzle. “Well, that’s not true. You killed my friend. I want to hurt you a lot, actually. But I’ll settle for the sword. Put it down and walk away and no one gets hurt.” She glanced back at the open hatch behind her where she could just barely see the one-eyed woman’s slumped head. “No one else gets hurt.”

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