Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for A World of InTemperance by Ichabod Temperance

It is New Year's Eve, 1875. In this humorously told Steampunk tale, adventure-prone Ichabod Temperance and his lovely sweetheart, Miss Persephone Plumtartt, once again find themselves swept up into a whirlwind of misadventure and international catastrophe. The entire world totters on the brink of war, as various nations develop arsenals of dreadful power. It seems as though every nation on Earth lusts for Empire. A sinister plot boils to change the course of human history. Along with a remarkable cast of characters, including sapient animals and clockwork men, our heroes find themselves plunged into unimaginable peril!

My Review:

I enjoyed A World of InTemperance as much as I enjoyed A Matter of Temperance,  I think that I just enjoyed it in different ways.
In A World again we follow the exploits of Ichabod and Persephone.  
This time we get to see the story from multiple points of view, not just Ichabod and Persephone.  I'm not sure if I liked that as much as the first story, for two reasons.  One reason is the beginning of the story was told mainly through Ichabod's eyes.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but not as much fun as in the first book where it tended to switch back and forth between Ichabod and Persephone and for a good part of the book showed their different reactions to the same situation.  The Second reason is that when the story finally started to flip back and forth between characters sometimes it took a minute to figure out who was speaking. Since there were so many different voices sometimes it took me more than a minute. 
The story this time is also a lot more tongue in cheek and seems to take itself less seriously. There are a lot of  different plays on words with the names of people and places that had me smiling constantly.  Also the alliteration is amusing as well. While sometimes all the word play blew beyond the borders of corny, it was still fun.   I think the comedy and corniness is what mainly won me over in this one. If you've read A Matter  of Temperance and haven't gotten a chance to pick up A World of InTemperance I definitely think you should. However don't expect it to be exactly the same as the first novel. Better than the first? In my opinion they are both equally good, but for different reasons.  I think the comedy is definitely higher in World. But I don't think that diminishes the fun that was had in Matter. Both books are equally enjoyable and I think this series is turning into something truly fun.  If you haven't read either book yet, check out my review of A Matter of Temperance and go get yourself a copy to start reading today! Also be sure to check back in the next few weeks as I finish up the A to Z challenge and turn the author spotlight back on and you can get a chance to meet Ichabod Temperance himself! 

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