Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hans & Greta by Nicki Elson

Head into the forest with one studly guy and a psycho girl in this twisted fairy tale novella with a chance of zombie.

Hans and his contentious fiancé, Liesel, are just two warm bodies who wander too far into a forest that was once the site of a zombie infestation. When they stumble upon a romantic cottage, Hans is completely unaware that the woman who will capture his heart--as well as his meaty flesh--is hidden away inside the charming home. To claim true love, Hans will have to endure captivity, unraveling mystery, and a brawl with zombies.

My Review:

This is not your grannies Hansel and Gretel.  It's not a mushy ya/teen romance either.  Hans & Greta is a funny and sarcastic ride, with a few twists that I didn't see coming.  There is also a lot of nods to other fairy tales throughout. It was extremely amusing to see how the author worked them in.  Lastly there are zombies! Hellos, every good book needs a zombie or two! These zombies weren't your everyday comp,moan,comp zombies, but then again Hans & Gretel isn't your traditional fairy tale, so by the time they made their appearance I wouldn't have expected anything less.

I loved the main characters. They each had their own set of views, as well as flaws, and sometimes those views clashed with hysterical results. I couldn't wait to see what some of the characters would do next, especially the bad ones!

I really enjoyed the story overall. I definitely plan on reading more of Elson's work! 

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