Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Violet Lights by Joshua Scribner

Amazon Summery:

Something is disturbing Dennis Harkum's sleep. Is it real? Is it only in his head? Will he figure it out in time?

My Review:

Before reading this review understand that there are definite potential spoilers in it.  So let me just say that I enjoyed Violet Lights.  It's short, but it does draw the reader in and there are some parts that are really creepy. That's really all you need to know without risking ruining the read for you. As for the rest of you here is the rest of the review:

Obviously since it is a short story the author doesn't go into a lot of detail or history with the characters or their house.  Which I think is a shame and the only real draw back.  Honestly I think the story could be made longer and make it that much better.  I would have loved to find out more about who exactly it is that is haunting Dennis and his wife.  But that is really the only thing I found lacking in the book.
Otherwise I think that Violet Lights is a great taste of the authors writing.  I really was interested in what was going to happen to the characters and as I said above there were definitely some creepy parts. The ending is abrupt, but considering the length of the story it made sense and there is no room for doubt as to what happens to Dennis and his wife.
The story is currently only .99 on Amazon so if you've never read Scribner's work this is the perfect opportunity to start.

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  1. Great review. Go through your Challenge posts, I've added some books to my TBR list. Have a wonderful weekend! :)