Thursday, April 24, 2014

U is for Underneath by Kealan Patrick

For Dean Lovell, the nightmare begins with a dare that comes with the promise of violence if he chickens out: He must ask out on a date the school pariah, a horribly disfigured girl named Stephanie Watts. Dean agrees, and soon learns that there is more to Stephanie than anyone dared imagine, that beneath the scars, there are terrifying secrets underneath...

***WARNING: Contains some scenes of violence and strong language***

My review:

This one is extremely brief.  But somehow in this stories few pages we are able to follow Dean on his descent into madness, uncover the horrible truth behind the act that started him down that path. I decided to include the warning in the summery that there are some scenes of violence and strong language. But I think that only touches on the scenes it is referring too. 
Honestly I feel the scenes are truly disturbing. The twist that comes at the end of the book, makes them even more so. 
The story is extremely well written. The author does an amazing job of bringing his characters and scenes to life.  Some of the scenes are more horrifying by what the author doesn't say and leaves strictly to the imagination of the reader. 
The ending is very abrupt.  The final scene shocking, as we find out, along with Dean, exactly what happened to Stephanie. I do feel that the ending was a bit too sudden. Considering the depths of crazy that Dean reached, I definitely expected at least one more act of violence to explode from him. 
This isn't part of a larger story, just it's own stand alone. I don't know if I would read more from the author. He is obviously a master with words, but the places those words take the reader are definitely disturbing. I wouldn't recommend this one to anyone under 18, it's definitely more adult fare.
If you've read Underneath or any other works by Kealan Patrick, I'd love to know what you think. If you were as bothered, or not, and either way why.

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