Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Perry Road by Emi Gayle

In 2132, “We the people ...” means nothing, and it hasn't for a hundred years.

Like all the citizens of the American Union, eighteen-year-old Erianna Keating is not to ask questions. She is not to believe anything except what the A.U. tells her. More importantly, she's not supposed to know what she doesn't know, nor that she's a pawn.

Like everyone else, though, she is, and like everyone else, she is a hundred percent oblivious to what's going on.

Or is she? Are they?

Erianna thinks going to Perry Road and joining the national registration program is her next step toward adulthood; the 2132 candidates for adult-classification, though, are in for a big surprise. Especially Erianna.

Thanks to Zane Warren, an awkward but hot guy who won't shut up about a history that doesn't—or shouldn't—matter anymore, Erianna will know. Will learn. That includes finding out what actually happens after registration and doing something, anything, about it.

Fixing what went wrong, what caused the U.S.A. to split into two countries, though, is not on Erianna's bucket list, but as she faces her future, she must decide whether to fall in line with the American Union's plan for her, or to consider that Zane might not be wrong, and the time for revolution begins now.

My Review:

Perry Road is an awesome read.  

I love the characters. I love the story. I love the world.  

That's it, reviews over go buy the book. 

Oh sorry you want to me to tell you my thoughts on everything. That's fine too. lol. But really With writing so many reviews, especially in April it feels like I'm just saying the same thing over and over and over.... You get the picture. But I've realized when I like a book, I tend to like it for the same reasons I like other books. The same could be said for when I dislike a book as well. Sometimes I find reviewing books I've had issues with easier. (At least the writing part of them) I have specific things that I disliked and I can elaborate on them. Should be the same with a book I like, right? For some reason no. I can tell you why I loved the characters, world, etc. But after a while it feels like I'm saying the same things I've said about other books. Than when  I REALLY like a book it feels like all I'm doing is a advertisement for the book. Comments about things I like sound like commercial slogans. Very depressing, at least from a reviewing point of view. 
April is especially hard because I'm doing so many books in such a short time.  Usually I choose from books that have been floating around my kindle for ages. But they were books I chose, not ones that were sent for review. I tried to set it a bit different this year, but I only got a few review requests that specifically asked to be part of the A to Z challenge. Since I picked out the books at one point there is obviously something in them that appealed to me so I tend to get an overwhelming amount of 4-5 star reviews. At this point I feel like a broken record. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to read something bad. I just don't like to sound repetitive. 

Whew! Sorry had to get that out of my system. lol.  Don't worry I will give you more than a twenty-six world review. So let's get on with it, just forgive me if I sound a bit repetitive. Thanks!

Perry Road really is an awesome read. 

I think the world pulled me in at first, more than the characters. Gayle has done a bang up job of creating the two separate countries in what once was the U.S.A.. The set up of Perry Road and how it is run really intrigued me. Finding out about the secrets that are hidden beneath the surface intriqued me even more. The author also made it believable how the system is falling apart and why so many of the citizens don't see it. (or refuse to) Won't say anymore on the subject since I think I've already given enough spoilerage. 
The characters at first weren't my favorite.  The book is told from Eri's POV, so you don't get to see into the other peoples heads. But what I could see made me dislike them. I really hated Cam. She was a snot. She uses and manipulates Eri for her own personal gain. But I think I kinda hated Eri herself even more for letting herself be abused by Cam. Obviously Eri grows out of this mind set, and starts to come into her own. Otherwise I wouldn't have enjoyed the book half as much. But it's one reason why the world trumped the characters for the first part of the book. By the end of the book I have to say though that I really had gotten attached to Eri and Zane.  
The story itself had it's own twists and turns.  The ending obviously is a lead in to the next book, but I kinda expected that. While I expected there to be something rotten with the whole government system too, I didn't expect some of the other twists that were thrown in.  I want to see how Eri handles those twists.  (Again trying not to spoil anything) Especially since she really isn't the push over that she was at the beginning of the book.
I've heard that this book has had some argument over it's content and political views. Honestly I didn't see it. Maybe because I'm not overly involved in politics in the real world. *Shrug* Don't know. I think that it is a solid book.  It has interesting  characters, great world building and an intriguing storyline. I enjoyed it. I think if you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet then you should. I don't think there was anything truly vulgar or incendiary in the book. 
If you have read it I'd love to know what you think.

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