Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Beasts and Bff's by Shannon Delany

Amazon Summery:

Meet Jessie Gillmansen as she realizes that things might not be what they seem in the town of Junction. All Jessie wants is to avoid more change … but she has no idea what’s about to come her way.

My Review:

Beasts and Bff's is a bonus prequel story to 13 to Life.  Let me just note that I haven't read 13 to Life yet so I have no way to compare the two. 
The story centers around three girls, Jessie, the main character and her two friends, Amy and Sarah, as they go for a morning jog. It is set mainly on a path through the woods in a local park.
While the story is short I think it does a good job of introducing the characters and giving a good idea of their friendships dynamics.  I definitely would like to see how the author either pulls the girls together or drives them apart in a full length novel. Especially since Jessica is the only reason Amy and Sarah are even in the same place at the same time.
Even though the book is a prequel it does have one part that hints that there is even more of a back story.  Specifically the part where the girls refer to animals in a different town.  However it doesn't go into further detail and I would hope the author reveals more in the actual novel.

 I think this is a great taste of Delany's writing.  So if you've never read her work before it would be a way to see if it was something you would want to read more of.  I, personally, plan on reading more. This one is also currently free on Amazon so why not go check it out?

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