Thursday, February 28, 2013

Come help out a great cause!

So a while back I interviewed Robert C. Roman, the author of The Artifice Series and The Iron Angel Series. As most of you know from the interview his day job is a high school teacher. As most of you don't know he teaches in a district that is more than a little strapped for funds. He has been helping to compensate for his classrooms lack of resources from his own pocket. Now most of you in today's school system know this isn't an all uncommon practice anymore.  Most teachers pay for items out of their own pockets and unfortunately the amount of teachers doing this and the amount they are paying is rising each year. However their pay isn't being raised so this leads to choices between supporting their own families and supporting their classrooms.  
In my effort to help I wanted to spread the word about a challenge Mr. Roman has given himself.  He has decided to put his 'money where his mouth is' and put half of all the money he earns from his writing for the next year back into his classroom. (this is on top of what he already puts in from his regular paycheck)

Why am I telling you all about this?

Because there are numerous ways you can help.  There are even some that don't require spending any money at all, simply the click of a mouse.

To find out more follow this link to Robert's Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is post.  Even if all you do is share his post and get the word out there it helps so why not take a minute and check it out?  Offer some words of encouragement. Maybe you might even have a few suggestions that might help?  Any help at all is appreciated.

Thank you!

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