Thursday, February 21, 2013

A to Z Challenge April 2013

OMG! Has it really been a whole year??? 
Well at least this year I feel a little bit more prepared.  I actually thought up my theme last year, but I didn't start working on it 'til just last month. Also this year I am only doing the Challenge for this blog so that should help cut down on any craziness. So last year my theme was Randomness. This years theme is.....
(drum roll please!)
A to Z Reviews!
I kinda toyed with the idea last year but realized I really had no idea what the challenge was going to be like and I didn't want to add too much extra and make it even harder.  But like I said this year I feel a little more prepared. PLUS I finally replaced my Kindle. (YAY!) Reading on the go is once again a whole lot easier.
I went through the titles I currently have and have chosen 26 to read and review for the month of April. Each book title will correspond to the letter of the alphabet for that day. 
So are you participating this year? If so do you have a theme or topic?  Are you prepared or do you plan to wing it?
Love to hear what you have planned and good luck!
If you are interested in participating and want to find out more click here.


  1. Hello. Just thought I'd stop by to wish you luck with this challenge. I've planned out all my posts (apart from Z) so that I don't forget anything or end up going off on a tangent!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your posts as well!