Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Prizes for the Readers for Rett's Syndrome Awareness Event 2015

Ok, this year instead of sharing each giveaway individually at the Readers for Rett's Syndrome Awareness event we've decided to just share a link to this post. That way everyone who is attending can just see all the prizes that we are making available for all to who attend can see them all in one place.  

Ok the rule for this year's event giveaways are simple. 

-You must attend the event to qualify for the giveaways.

-Anyone who comments on any of the posts at the event or on any of the blog posts for it will be automatically entered in the giveaways.

-Also the more comments the more entries.

-Another way to enter is to change your profile pic on Facebook to the Readers for Retts Awareness Event picture. Once you do change your profile pic on Facebook if you could please comment on here letting me know that you have changed the pic. This isn't necessary to enter any of the giveaways, however it will just make it easier for me to verify it. 

-One more way to enter: Invite your friends to the event. I will be posting a status on the event page for people to let me know who invited them. Not only will your friends attending be an entry to the giveaways, but also the person with the most invites will automatically win one of the prizes available. 

If you have any questions regarding the event or the giveaways please feel free to ask me or Heather, the other host of the event. 

Now on with the prizes available this year:

Prize Pack #1:

The Jewel of Grim Fortress: Episode #1

Prize Pack #2:

Highland Flames
Guardians of Cridhe
Seven Historical Highland Romances
Authors Include:
Ceci Giltenan
Tarah Scott
Lily Baldwin
Kate Robbins
Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Kathryn Lynn Davis
Victoria Zak 

Prize Pack #3:

Prize Pack #4:

Prize Pack #5:

Prize Pack #6:

Swag pack provided by Ariel Burnz
Pens, Earrings, Trading Cards and Post Card

Prize Pack #7:

Prize Pack #8:

Prize Pack #9:

Prize Pack #10:

Prize Pack #11:

Prize Pack #12:

Prize Pack #13:

Prize Pack #14:

Prize Pack #15:

Prize Pack #16:

Prize Pack #17:

Prize Pack #18:

*Print copy to any U.S. resident
E-copy for International resident

Prize Pack #19:

 A bag from the InD'Scribe Convention 2015 signed by the authors in attendance.(as well as some who weren't!) Along with an InD'tale T-shirt (size large) and a whole LOT of swag from the convention as well that was also donated by the numerous authors                                                                          at the event.

Also I want to say thank you to all the amazing authors from the InD'Scribe Conference who donated items to the giveaway! Especially since the books and swag I received at the convention were donated without me even asking. Yes, I asked them to sign the bag. But before I knew it the bag was overflowing with items put in it by the kind authors at the event. Also the wonderful coordinators of the event were willing kind enough to donate the bag as well as the shirt. 

Honestly the generosity of the authors and coordinators of the event blew me away. Please check out my thank you post here that I put up when I got home from the convention. Feel free to say thank you to them as well! 


  1. Hi AimeeKay.
    I am proudly sporting my pink Retts profile pic.
    I am looking forward to todays event.
    ~Icky. :-)

  2. Just wanted to remind everyone that the event has been extended to the 10th. So be sure to keep inviting your friends and checking out the posts that are already up and the ones that will be going up in the next few days.