Friday, September 18, 2015

Thank You!

InD'Scribe Auther and Reader Con
So today was my first day at the InD'Scribe Author and Reader Con.  I planned on writing more about all the fun I had later this week. But what happened today just blew my mind and I really
wanted to share.

Ok.So as you all know the Readers for Retts event will be coming up next month and I really hoped to get some cool swag and stuff to give away while I was at the convention. Well when I got there I was thinking of getting a shirt and having as many authors sign it as I could and have that be one of the prizes. Well then I saw the bags and I thought, "Hey instead of a shirt, how about a bag with all the signatures?" I won a similar prize a few years ago and bags are one size fits all, not like shirts...

Gabby's Bag
First really cool thing....I asked one of the wonderful people in charge if I could buy an extra bag and I explained to her what for.   She said she would find out. Not 5 mins later she walked up to me and said, "Here ya go. Don't worry about it."  I mean really I would have paid for it, so this was awesome. Well then I went into the signing room. OMG! Whole reason I got the 2 day pass was just to go in this room. lol. Writers and books and swag! Oh the beautiful swag!!! I'm a book mark hoarder, if you didn't know, so this was heaven. Well I started off asking if they could sign the bag. I explained that I was going to be using it as part of one of the giveaway for the Readers for Rett's Event this year. Ok. ALL of the authors gladly signed. Sooo cool!! But, ok, I was a teeny bit distracted. I mean hello! Books,
Authors, SWAG!! So I didn't notice at first. But they started putting things in the bag to go along with the giveaway for the event. Really awesome swag stuff, signed bookmarks and even signed books. For FREE! By the time I had gotten to every table my hip was trying to stage a mutiny and my fibro was making me sound like I was going to pass out. I felt so bad because pretty much the last 10 authors I saw were so worried I was going to pass out on their table. But that's when I noticed that the signature bag for the Rett's event...It was FULL. Like so full that one of the last authors insisted on helping me carry it to the last few tables. (Which thank you for that too!)

I went home a little while after the main daily events ended. I was sore and wanted to make sure I was gonna be able to walk the next day. But before I left I went through what I had started to call Gabby's bag. Since this years Readers for Retts event is being dedicated to. I was just overwhelmed. Overwhelmed to the point that when I got to my car I sat for a minute and just cried. Everyone there was soooo generous. Every author all I asked for was a signature, and they gave so much more. In the bag not only were there numerous swag items. Such as collector cards, book marks, bath salts, pens, postcards,  jewelry, YES JEWELRY!!  But there were also over 15 books. All of it donated for this years Readers for Retts event.   Honestly I was just happy that they all wanted to sign Gabby's Bag. I never expected more. I figured I would get some of the free swag from the event and add that to the giveaway. But this bag and its contents....It just blew me away.

So before I crash for the night I just wanted to say thank you. Thank all of you amazing, generous artists. Thank you for donating your time and items for one little  girl that you will unfortunately never get to meet, as well as the many others that hopefully you will. (If only through the Readers for Retts event.) I sent pictures of the bag and its contents to Gabby's mom and also to Heather, my co-host of the event. Both of them were blown away just as much as I was.

Thank you. From Crystal, Heather, me and the countless girls and their families that this event helps to spread the word about. Thank you for opening your hearts and your generosity. Just thank you.

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