Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for For the love of Temperance by Ichabod Temperance

“Golly, Miss Plumtartt, the Earth is getting pummeled with meteorites!” 
“I say, if only these projectiles were organically based, Mr. Temperance, I would not be of such a troubled mind, but I fear that the flaming flotsam are revealing themselves to be warcraft from the planet Mars. Their weapons are uncanny and easily defeat the greatest of Terra's resources. These invaders wish to strip our beloved planet of her native sovereignty!” 
“Holy Red Planet Invaders, Miss Plumtartt, you're right! I reckon it's gonna be up to you, me, and this charming cast of characters to save the Earth in this War betwixt the Worlds.”

The sovereignty of Planet Earth is under assault by interplanetary invaders. Ichabod Temperance and Persephone Plumtartt return in this thrilling Steampunk adventure. The duo fight bloodthirsty monsters bent on Earth's conquest. Featuring a cast of unforgettable characters, including the world's greatest actor and a telepathic dog, For the Love of Temperance will scare you and amuse you by turns.

My Review:

I love the Temperance novels, from the characters to the story to even the covers. This is the first of four Temperance novels that I will be reviewing for the A to Z challenge and I have to say that first it amused me as much as the previous books in the series that I've read and second I can't wait to read the other three!

In the latest installment of the adventures of Ichabod Temperance and his lovely associate, Miss Persephone Plumtartt the earth is under attack from the heavens above and it's up to Mr. Temperance and his friends, old and new, to protect the planet.

The author is an amazing writer. I love the alternate earth he has created, the way the earth has been transformed since it crossed paths with the mysterious comet and how it's effects have rippled across the planet. I love the various characters he has brought to life, both ones based on known historical figures and brand new ones he has created just for his stories. I also especially love how the stories, while they are detailed, especially the steampunk inventions, never takes itself too seriously. There is always a fun, dare I say tongue in cheek, outlook that the author carries through on his characters adventures. With book three of his Adventures of Ichabod Temperance series he has once again pulled off all of the above.  

I love following Ichabod and Miss Plumtartt in their adventures. This newest one has literally fell from the sky.  But not only do I love their adventures I also thoroughly enjoy seeing them dance around their blossoming romance. It is all so proper and sweet. I'm hoping eventually at the end of all their amazing adventures that they are finally able to have their happily ever after and settle down to have a whole passel of little Ichabods and Persephones to carry on their legacy. As for the other characters they all have their own quirks and personalities that they bring to the table. I would definitely read any of their stories as well.

This episode of Ichabod and Miss Plumtartts adventures is a fun twist on the classic War of the Worlds. I don't want to spoil too much but the ending the ending is the best part of all. I really didn't see it coming, nor did I expect the final hero to end up being. However the ending wasn't just the best part of the book.  I have to say I really liked the martians and the special twist the author put on them as well. 

One of the other things I really like about the Temperance novels is how the author takes the time to fill the reader in on what is happening with the rest of the world. Through news reports as well as updates on characters from previous books we get to see how the aliens are faring all over the planet and how other people have decided to fight the alien menace.  Throughout it all the author still keeps his sly humor and makes it fun for the reader along the way.

I definitely recommend picking up picking up this newest adventure. If you have Amazon Prime it's currently only .99 cents. If you haven't read any of the Adventures of Ichabod Temperance yet definitely pick up the first book in the series, A Matter of Temperance. Currently there are six books in the series available and I think it will make a great summer read. I will be reviewing the final three books in the series over the rest of the event so be sure to check in to see my reviews. If you're interested in finding out more about Ichabod Temperance and his amazing adventures be sure to check out his interview and spotlight here on my blog, as well as my reviews of his first books A Matter of Temperance and A World of Temperance. If you're already a fan like me I recently found an amazing shirt on Amazon that I've got on my wish list and hope to pick up soon!

If you've already read any of the Adventures of Temperance I'd love to know if you've enjoyed them as much as I have! If you happen to have one of the shirts and would want to send one to me.....I wouldn't be opposed to that either! Lol. Thanks for joining me for my A to Z Challenge adventure! Can't wait to see you all at the finish!


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.


  1. Hi Aimee!

    Oh my Goodness!
    That is such a sweet review!
    THANK YOU!!!
    I am happy that you are able to see humour in the books. I don't know how that happens. I try to describe my steampunk paranormal adventures to folks, but they keep coming out as humorous.

    I find it appropriate that I am your choice for the letter 'F' as this was a common appearance on my report card...

    Hey Aimee, do you have to sing the alphabet song to know which letter comes next?

    Wow, I am so jazzed about this review! I am going to go splatter it all over twitter and facebook.

    Just so that you and your lovely readers know, the t-shirt is not mine. That is for some other Temperance. If it were mine, it would say 'I heart Icky'!

    Your pal,
    ~Icky. :-)

  2. Yes actually I do have to sing the alphabet song from time to time! lol. I'm so glad you enjoyed the review! I will be reviewing the rest of the books in the series throughout the a to z challenge. Again I'm really glad you enjoy my reviews!