Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Adventures In Weight Loss @ Weight Watchers Week 16

So I wanted to start off by sharing this lovely quote that Debbie shared with us at the meeting today.  Today was probably my best day of this week.  Early in the week I came down with a bug that's been going around and I spent the past few days laid up in bed. But by today I had finally started to feel better and then today at the meeting I finally reached my 10% goal!  Yay me!  I also brought in some PB2 peanut butter that Anne from the previous week had mentioned seeing at Walmart. (Before it seemed that it could only be found at military stores and online)  It's a powdered peanut butter that is WAY less in points than the regular stuff.
Every week people bring in various food containers to help give others ideas for items they can add into their meal plans and let them know how many points they are.  Everybody at the meeting has already been discussing PB2 for a while, how it tastes, where to get it, etc..  But since I was able to pick it up I wanted to bring it in and be able to ask questions about it and show others who where curious about it what it looked like.

You just add water and there ya go! 

Not only that but it was my 16th weigh-in/meeting with the program.  (Yes, if you count my 1st post as week 1, than this would be 16, but I started counting it the way I did and I'm not going to change it now)

So I got both my 10%  key chain AND my 16 week charm!

Now I got a new key chain for my keys!

I'd really been struggling to meet this goal.  I came close a few weeks ago when I lost 3 lbs, but then I gained 4lbs the following week.  So I'd been working each week to slowly try to whittle it back down again.  This week I FINALLY did it!  I lost 1.2 lbs. Bringing my grand total to 22 lbs. lost so far!  Today was a really great day for me.  I hope next week I can finally kick this cold and then make next weeks meeting even better!



Weight: 189 lbs.

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