Monday, March 20, 2017

I'm sorry...

So I realized that I've pretty much become a non-internet presence

I mean I wasn't a huge one before but I knew enough people that I felt I was at least on the fringe of certain circles. And I worked really hard getting to those fringes too...

Then everything kinda fell apart. I got burnt out on reviewing. I felt like I was just saying the same thing over and over and over. Not ever using different words, it felt like I just copied and pasted and changed a few words for EVERY book I read just based on what star count I was giving it. Yeah, yeah, I know, that would be my own "voice" I got sick of reading. The same voice that pulled people in to read what I wrote to begin with. But if you've ever suffered burn out from anything hopefully what I just said made sense.

Things looked up after getting the surgery. I did the A to Z challenge in April 2016...

But by June I was working and busy trying to play catch-up IRL. *8 years to catch up on... It was, and still is, daunting.

Then the nerves started to grow back when I wasn't paying attention. I didn't notice I was literally just sleeping and working on work days and recovering from work on my days off.

I mean seriously, I had over 40,000 unread emails in gmail alone when I finally signed in on my laptop the other day. And my other email? yeah, it's gone into hibernation mode. It's refusing to receive any more emails until I get rid of some. *A note on my 2nd email... Just discovered because I hadn't signed in in over 180 days that ALL my emails had been deleted and my account put on hold. That one is hard. I had emails from 1996 in there. I made that email in high school... I had gone over 20 years without not checking it. Yes, I've already checked, no way to get ANY of it back. Can't think too much on that though or I just want to close my laptop and go back to sleep.

All because I just kinda let everything I cared about fade out.

So I'm kicking myself in the butt. I'm gonna restart on my blog and stuff and I hope I haven't completely imploded the bridges I made before I ghosted out.

I think the only people who didn't think I walked off the face of the earth were the ones who I'm friends with on Facebook. So if you know of any upcoming events, or any books that need reading, reviewing, etc. Let me know. Comment here or email me. I'm planning on jumping directly in the deep end and participating in this years A to Z Challenge. I also have a cover reveal scheduled for Thursday.

Obviously after April I won't be posting EVERY day. But I do plan to at least set a goal for myself of at least 2-3 reviews a month. At least one tour/cover reveal/etc. Maybe after I get back in a routine then adding in more weekly posts.

I AM potentially getting back surgery in late May early June. So if I disappear for a week or two I'll at least let you guys who are still out there loyally following my blog know what's going on. I won't just ghost out again. I know I let a few people down by disappearing. One of them being me. Hopefully I can make it up to them.

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