Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Adventures in Weight Loss @ Weight Watchers Week:14

This post will be short.  I've had a bad week.  No sleep, thanks to IEHP deciding to change my meds.  Thanks Obama for giving them the power to do it.  According to them new "health care" laws mean that they can change my perscriptions....REALLY??? When did they become drs.? When did they look at my case file? I'm assuming they didn't because they would have known that the reason I was on the beta blocker that I was on was because the previous one had made me REALLY sick. Like almost died sick. I talked to my dr. and agreed to try the new one for a few months.  Yeah it's gotten to the point that I can barely sleep, and it's not like I can just stop taking my heart meds.  Fortunately I see my dr. two weeks from now so hopefully he can get me back on the meds that work and don't make me sick.
Add no sleep to everyone around me seeming to think I'm their personal pity party planner. I don't mind being supportive and being there for people.  I understand people need to vent. I'm glad they feel secure enough with me to do so.  But sometimes I just get overwhelmed and I need to vent or cry and not be everyone's hero. Ya know? I did figure out one neat trick though.  When I turn the topic of conversation to myself and what I need to vent about or whats been bothering me, for some reason people just disappear. Funny huh? Maybe by the time anyone reads this I will have found the perfect words to say to make everyone else's problems go away.  Or at least found someone who doesn't mind me crying back on their shoulders too.  I know not everyone around me is like that, and there are people I can cry to, but right now it just feels like the majority of conversations I've had this week, heck this summer, revolve around other peoples problems and I'm just really tired. Plus because of how I feel about being everyone's shoulder I don't want to put someone else in that position.  *sigh*

Now I just realized that I've made all my readers become that person...*double sigh*  and now I just realized that my post wasn't that short at all....


Anyway back to what I'm really here for, my weigh-in this week.  So that was actually a good thing.  I lost 1.4 lbs. and now I'm back to being only .4 lbs away from my 10% goal.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can lose another 1/2 a lb by next Friday.  Also on a positive note I think I'm going to have to find another pair of pants to start wearing to the weigh ins. These are getting just a bit too baggy! Yay!

Thanks for following me on my journey so far!



Weight: 190.4 lbs.

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