Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Adventures in Weight Loss @ Weight Watchers Week 13

This was my freak out week.  It was my first appointment with the Dr. who had recommended that I try Weight Watchers in the first place since I started the program. I took my weight record and folder with me so the Dr. could see that I had actually been going and not just starving myself and taking a bunch of water pills the weekend before my appointment.  My Dr. was super impressed.


I get to stay on my regular meds!!! Yay me!! (The Dr. had said if I couldn't lose it I would have had to change certain ones and I REALLY wasn't looking forward to my other options)

He did say that he wanted me to be careful and not lose too much weight too quickly.  My goal weight is 130 and I want to try to reach it around February of next year. (This year? Setting these posts to go up a year later sure messes with my time frame. lol) He said that if I am only at 170 by Christmas that that is above and beyond good. and not to push myself.  But I'm following the program and it's not like I'm exercising or anything beyond the physical therapy.  I told him that too.  He said just to not beat myself up if I don't reach my goal on my timetable, and to not push myself. 

The meeting was good too.  I lost weight this week. Not the whole 4lbs from last week, only 2.6 lbs.  But that's ok.  Overall I felt better this week too.    

So it's also my 12th week...So what do you think? Can you see it yet?



Weight: 191.8 lbs.

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