Thursday, September 19, 2013

Piratical Tales by Melissa from Books and Things

Oh who doesn’t like a good pirate book? I’ve ran across several, but I’ll mention a couple I recently reviewed. One was Wake of the Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe. I hadn’t read the other tales in this series, but I knew I wanted to after reading the fourth installment. In this one Eddie is quite roguish, but not really a pirate. He had no qualms with pairing with a strong female character as well as sailing with pirates. The pirates in this one were more historically accurate with their lack of hygiene. :P However, the adventure was fab. I just missed some Jack Sparrow in my pirates! LOL

The other books I want to mention are actually a retelling of the Peter Pan story we all know too well. In that one we get a different version of Hook than we are used to seeing. It captured me right away and I just loved this imagined meeting of all those in Neverland. We get all the characters we knew as kids, but this isn’t aHook and Jill and the second book is Other Oceans. I highly recommend both books for a unique take on the handsome swoony kind of pirates. Yes, Jack Sparrow lovers will enjoy these tales.
kids book at all. It is an adult retelling of the story. It’s about growing up and finding out that change is good after all. It has adventure and romance. It’s a book that I highly recommend. There are 2 books currently out in this adventure. The first is

So what about you? What kind of pirate do you like? Historically accurate or roguish?

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  1. I like my pirates like Jack Sparrow, roguish. Or actually more like Orlando Bloom well, either really. Jack Sparrow would definitely keep me entertained! I can't believe you started another series in the middle! What are we going to do with you???

    I am definitely going to try the Hook and Jill series. I saw another review besides yours (Heidi's) that enjoyed it very much.
    I can't believe I missed Talk Like a Pirate Week!


    1. I agree with you an the roguish type. :D You also wouldn't know what to do with me if I ALWAYS followed the rules. See, pirate. :D


  3. I definitely enjoy my pirates more roguish and washed versus historically accurate, smelly and scurvy. Like BiB said above -- Jack Sparrow versus those other guys.

  4. I think Hook and Jill sounds great! I don't think I've read a book about pirates yet.

  5. Personally I like the more roguish kind. :-) Hook and Jill sounds awesome, I'm totally going to read that one! Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Roguish for sure and handsome and devilish and ooh good with a sword *grins*

  7. Arrrr there be pirates here, roguish ones

  8. I like the handsome rogue pirates not the smelly one eyed ones... I prefer mine like Jack Sparrow!