Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A to Z Challenge 2013 ~ Reflections

*Phew*! I did it! I actually finished this year!  There were quite a few days that I didn't think I was gonna make it but somehow I pulled it off.  I had a lot of fun this year though.  Lot's of visitors and lots of comments on my posts. (For those of you who don't know I LOVE comments!)
Unlike last year, this year I actually had a theme and I think that helped me make it through a bit easier.  I think the only changes I would make for next year is to be even more prepared. Like start preparing sometime in January not March, lol.
I didn't get to visit as many of the other bloggers as I wanted to.  I did get to some and I started following quite a few, but there are still a whole bunch that I am going to try to visit now that the challenge is over. I just wish more blogs had the option of following by email.  It's my fave way to follow.  All posts get sent to my email so I don't miss anything.
In an effort to be more prepared for next year I've already decided I'm going to follow the same theme.  Next year each post again will be a review of a different book with the corresponding letter. If you are an author and interested in having your book be part of my A to Z Challenge next year be sure to email me and let me know.  Just put A to Z Challenge 2014 in the subject line.

Overall I had a lot of fun again this year.  I think having a theme really helped me to focus and in a way took a lot of the stress off of trying to think of a topic for the post. Thanks again to all the wonderful hosts of the challenge and can't wait to give it a go next year!

This post is part of the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2013.