Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review of An Echo Through the Trees By: Michael Galloway

An Echo Through the Trees
By: Michael Galloway

Summary from Amazon:
This is the story of Chase Krause, a man who sets out with his best friend, Josh, to camp for a weekend deep in the snow-filled wilderness. What starts off as the hunt of a lifetime quickly becomes the struggle of a lifetime. At the same time, Chase is forced to grapple with a nearly non-existent relationship with his father.

Set against the backdrop of Minnesota's picturesque north woods, it is a story of fathers and sons, broken relationships and healing, and triumph over circumstance. More importantly, it is a story of letting go.

My Review:

This is a bittersweet story.  It is not just a story of Chase coming to terms with his father's abandonment, but also his mother coming to terms with Chase's leaving home.  You never get to "see" Chase's father, but you do get to see the effect he has had on his son and ex-wife's lives.  Chase has continued to write letters to his father in hopes that he can form some semblance of a relationship with him, even though his father hasn't written back in years.  His mother had made him the center of her world.  (not a bad thing, she is his mom) But when he leaves for college she finds herself at a loss, with no one to cater to but herself, and not sure exactly what she wants.
The story itself spans a winter weekend, when  Chase and his buddy Josh have decided to go hunting.  For  
Chase it is only the second trip he has ever been on and he hopes to redeem himself by actually bagging a deer.  Karen, his mother, has decided to step out of her comfort zone, and enter one of her paintings in a local art sale.  She's not necessarily looking for fame or fortune, but looking for something new to fill her time now that her son is no longer at home. Neither one's weekend ends quite the way they expected. (no spoilers I promise)  I would have preferred a more conclusive ending, but aside from that the story was fine enough. 
I think this was a decent read.  Even if you are not a hunter, or not into hunting.  While the hunting itself is an important part of the story, it isn't THE story.  The book is only 94 pages long, not a major time investment, but I think it would make a great stocking stuffer.  I think even younger male teens would enjoy the book.    

*****In compliance with FTC guidelines, I'm disclosing that I received this book for free through GoodReads First Reads. ****
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