Friday, November 25, 2011

Excerpt from Something Different

Her laughter came close to breaking his resolve to treat her as nothing more than a guest of his hotel. She held nothing back. As she talked, she shared so much. His heart ached to hear the tinge of loneliness at the edge of her soul. He doubted she realized how much it showed. As she moved about the deck, following his orders, he admitted how much he enjoyed having someone so lively to sail with.
If she occasionally paused, as if uncertain, she took his direction and they suffered no damage as the result. He’d intended to sail a path angled so she could watch the sunset while he remained at the tiller, but something drew him to join her at the rail.
He stood, not quite touching her, as the sun drew close to the sea.
“My God, that is beautiful.” She whispered the words. 
If she’d shifted her gaze to him, she’d have seen him focusing on her face, not the sunset. A few moments later, she drew a quick breath. “Oh! Did I just see the famous green flash?”
He smiled. “You are most fortunate.” A familiar sight to him, but he found it sweet to see the wonder of her first viewing cross her face.
She tilted her head to grin at him. “Well, I’m here, and you’re here. I have to agree with you.”
He met her look. This warm female, hair like tangled strands of dark honey, eyes a light brown and her lips….
He pulled back and shook his head, suddenly aware of how close he’d come to kissing her. He’d never kissed a woman other than his wife.
Maria! What have you gotten me into?

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