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The Other Earth Series

The Other Earth Series:
Discover this stunning world where fantastical machines sail the seas and skies of the Mediterranean, enormous prehistoric beasts roam the Americas, and the restless dead haunt the frozen wastes of Europe. In this sixteenth century world, the Incas defeated the Spanish, the Persians reign over the Middle East, and the most advanced nation in history is ruled by women.

The Lost Airship
Prelude Novella to The Other Earth Series
By: Joseph Robert Lewis

Omar Bakhoum joined the airship expedition to the glaciers of Europa to find a rare metal and to learn about the aether mist that reveals the souls of the dead. Howling storms, rampaging beasts, and a deadly samurai stand between him and his goal. But when Omar is accused of murdering two members of the airship crew over the north sea, his quest for answers may end in a watery grave.


The Burning Sky
Book One in The Other Earth Series
By: Robert Joseph Lewis

After a devastating attack on the Air Corps, brilliant young engineer Taziri Ohana is the only pilot left to chase the criminals responsible across the skies of Morocco. Within hours, Taziri uncovers a vast conspiracy of deposed aristocrats and wealthy industrialists plotting to overthrow the Queen, plunge the country into war, and turn Taziri's own inventions into hideous new weapons.
With assassins in every shadow and riots on every street corner, Taziri quickly learns to defend herself as only an engineer can - by inventing new devices on the spot. But despite all her efforts, her country's only hope for survival may be a proud Incan princess, a dashing Spanish fencer, and Taziri's airship Halcyon plummeting out of the burning sky.

The Broken Sword
Book Two in The Other Earth Series
By: Joseph Robert Lewis

Lorenzo's fencing school is failing, the military wants him back in uniform, and the entire country is reeling from a devastating war. But he believes that an ancient and dangerous holy stone can restore his nation to prosperity and honor, if the military doesn't find it first. With an entourage of fencers, refugees, and a very hungry saber-toothed cat, Lorenzo faces foreign assassins, vengeful spirits, and blood-thirsty creatures on his race into the mountains.
But when the holy stone is stolen and a massive battleship sets sail for Marrakesh, Lorenzo must stop a war that could destroy all the nations of the Middle Sea, even if it costs him both the relic and his life.

The Bound Soul
Book Three in The Other Earth Series
By: Joseph Robert Lewis

A brutal murder in a hotel lobby. A high-flying chase across the length of the continent. And a manhunt through the ancient and deadly streets of Alexandria.
Qhora Yupanqui has always feared being alone, and now she is. Exiled from her Incan homeland, deprived of her dashing husband, and separated from her beloved beasts, she must gather her own allies to find a killer and free the souls of hundreds of murdered men and women.
With the help of Taziri Ohana's amazing inventions, Mirari Velasquez's unshakable loyalty, and Salvator Fabris's deadly blade, Qhora unravels the mystery of the soul-stealing metal called aetherium and the ancient cult of priests and assassins who not only want to rule the world, but master Death itself.

The Dragon and The Lotus
A New Novel in The Other Earth Series
By: Joseph Robert Lewis

As a child in Kathmandu, Asha was bitten by a dragon and gained the ability to hear the souls of all living things. Years later in India, she uses her strange gift and her training as an herbalist to save people possessed by ghosts, poisoned by legendary beasts, and tortured by the cruel doctors of Ming. And to fight the occasional bear or tiger, of course.
With the help of a beautiful blind nun and a sleepy little mongoose, Asha confronts both victims and predators, including the man who stole her childhood and killed her lover. But when she journeys into the west, Asha discovers that there are fates worse than death and there are human monsters that can only be defeated by a woman with the strength of a dragon.

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