Friday, December 16, 2011

Excerpt from Daphne and The Silver Ash

Bryn exhaled, her warm breath swirling in white and silver vapor in the cold night air. “Serafina? Dear sister, please, I know you were afraid a moment ago, but that is all past now. We have been here, at the cusp of this moment, preparing for your great sleep and rebirth countless times before and I will be here at your side for countless times to come. The centuries mean nothing to you and me. Go now and sleep in your cleansing fires, and when you awaken I will be here to greet you, we will all be here to greet you, and we will celebrate the dawn of another hundred years of life together.”
The phoenix said nothing. She twisted her long, elegant neck to look up at the crackling orange flames of her nest high in the Silver Ash behind her and for a long moment the entire crowd held its breath in anticipation.
Then Serafina turned back to face the two women standing beneath her, and she spread her shining wings wide. As she leaned forward and her talons came free of her perch, her thunderous voice whispered, “I dare not.”
The golden phoenix leapt from the branch of the Silver Ash and plummeted to the ground with her wings stretched wide to catch the autumn wind. At the last moment her gleaming feathers swept her up and away from the green grass and the phoenix flew forward, toward the two women, and crashed into Daphne’s arms.

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