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Guys and Molls!: Jimmy Blue Eyes and the Wizard of Odds - Mobster Nicknames

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Greetings! I am Lucia the Gun! (that's my cool new gangster name, sweet huh?) Getting to be a gangster definitely has its up sides.  You get to drive around in fancy cars, go to fancy parties, everyone respects you, or at least fears you which is almost the same thing. It's almost like being a rock or movie star today! (Well except for the respect/fear part. If your famous and they don't respect you  these days, than they usually ridicule you, and that's not the same thing.) Then you also get those cool nicknames. "Lucky" Luciano, "Scarface", "Machine Gun" Kelly.  But what happens when your nickname isn't so cool or intimidating? I mean how can you instill fear, or, I'm sorry, a healthy dose of respect, if people are laughing when they hear you name? After all most of the time you weren't lucky enough to receive your own nickname. Either you got it from a fellow gangster or worse yet, a reporter!
So I am giving you five of the strangest nicknames I've found from the Golden Age of Gangsters.  (they are in no particular order)

Sam 'Golf Bag' Hunt
 -Sam 'Golf Bag' Hunt-
Ok, I don't know about you but I'm not particularly afraid of golf bags. Golf clubs, maybe, but definitely not golf bags. This guy however was definitely someone to fear.  He worked for Al Capone as an enforcer. It seems he got the name "golf bag" after being arrested while having one in his possession.  The real kicker? The golf bag he had on him had a loaded shotgun and a .45 pistol.  Not your average nine iron, and definitely a little bit more intimidating!

-Thomas 'Butterfingers' Moran-
Let me start off by saying that Thomas Moran was the top pickpocket of his day. In his lifetime, he picked over 50,000 pockets.  But why 'butterfingers'? That word brings to in mind two things, candy bars and clumsiness. Neither of which should apply to the king of pickpockets.  However here's a good example of those reporters twisting things around!  While it was others in his field who said he could "slide in and out of a pocket like pure butter", Moran stated he would never forgive "that smart-alecky reporter" who named him 'butterfingers'.

Joseph 'Ha Ha' Aiuppa

-Joseph 'Ha Ha' Aiuppa-
May I suggest NOT laughing at this guys nickname? He was head of the Mafia in Cicero, Illinois, and he was not easily amused.  He was however prone to murder.  Two bodies 'rumored' to be connected to him were found beaten and buried alive in a cornfield. Definitely not a laughing matter!

-"Umbrella" Mike Boyle-
Here's another one of those nicknames that doesn't necessarily instill fear.  While I am endlessly tormented by umbrellas, somehow they are always poking me in the eye, or getting caught in my hair, most people do not have these issues. 'Umbrella'  got his nickname from the umbrella he used to use to collect "deposits" from building contractors.  These "deposits" insured no problems with the contractors building endeavors.

Murray 'The Camel' Humphreys

-Murray 'The Camel' Humphreys-
When I think of camels I naturally think of Egypt and the Pyramids, not Gangsters and Prohibition. Humphreys was a mobster from Chicago during the prohibition era.  It's rumored his nickname came from his propensity for wearing camel hair coats, but it just as easily could have come from his other nickname, 'The Hump', which was taken from his last name. 

Hope you have enjoyed this list of more "unique" mobster names I have found.  Want a nickname of your own?  Click here to go to the Mafia Name Generator to get one!  I've told you mine, would love to know what yours is!
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  1. Oh should I be afraid of you now? A nice post!

  2. What a great post! Those really are ridiculous, not fearsome, nicknames, though the gangsters called by them do sound scary. I love your gangster nickname, very scary and respectful, Lucy the Gun:)