Saturday, November 19, 2011

Excerpt from The Sister's Story

I dreamt of her. The brown haired girl who laughed with me, played with me, even sang silly songs and made a game of my name…she danced across my dreams at least once a month. My teacher, Twanson, said she was a distant relative, but somehow I knew better.
I pretended to believe her, but when I pulled the rough wooden doll out of my box and looked into the faded paint of its eyes, I almost knew her name. Hari? I almost had it! I would lift the old rags the doll once wore and hold them to my nose and smell the mystery girl. And what I remembered wasn’t mother. It was something else.
My name is Sari and I’m a student at the Lorensil Academy on the planet Verdant. I live with a wonderful family who never hid from me that I’d been adopted. I was six when I woke up in that soft bed, with the sound of birds outside the window. I don’t think I’d ever slept in a bed like that. And I’d never heard birds sing.

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