Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guys and Molls Nov.10th-17th!

Greetings from Lucia the Gun, of the 1st Reads Outfit, to all visitors to the Guys and Molls Event!

Guys and Molls
Event production by
Random Magic Tour 
Sasha Soren 
Schedule of events
Nov. 10-17, 2011

Full event Schedule-be sure to check out the rest of these wise guys and gals!
Nov. 10
vvb32reads  (@vvb32reads)
Lit noir - Fictional henchmen

Nov. 11
This Miss Loves to Read  (@MissIrenne)
Concrete shoes and tommy guns - How to talk like a gangster

Nov. 12
Double feature
vvb32reads ( (@vvb32reads)
Secret doors and liquid fire - Speakeasies
Theater of the air - Radio show: Angels with Dirty Faces

Nov. 13
Beyond Strange New Words 
Sing, you sinners! - Vintage mobster music

Nov. 14
I Love Books  (@Booklover_622)
The Book Addict  (@Christina_622)
Mob rules - A mafia code of honor
Splash of our Worlds  (@SplashOOWorlds)
Rogue's gallery - Top 15 vintage mob flicks

Nov. 15
The True Book Addict  (@truebookaddict)
Kings of the boardwalk empire - Atlantic City's real-life wise guys
Reviews from my First Reads Shelf--That would be me!!!
Jimmy Blue Eyes and the Wizard of Odds - Mobster nicknames

Nov. 16
Story Wings (@StoryWings)
The bitter end - Assassinated gangsters
Inky Pages - Coffee and a Good Book 
Inky Pages 
From ink to screen - Mob movies based on books, short stories or plays

Nov. 17
Spellbound by Books  (@Meeka_21)
Pinstripes and fedoras - Gangster fashion

(And event goodies! Details available on event posts.)

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